Sweet Lydia's Kitchen

Kitchens are an important living space

Many say that the heart of the home is the kitchen. For some, life may be created in the bedroom but it is certainly the kitchen where it is nurtured. Very few may tend to disagree with this, what about you?


It’s incredibly important to look after the appeal of your kitchen and ensure you have the highest quality appliances in your kitchen. It may be big or tiny but it is one place where food is created and food is the source of energy for body, mind and souls of friends and family.


In the olden days, a kitchen used to be small and used to generate lots of smoke, mess and noise. Thus, it was kept separate and away from the rest of the house. We all remember our moms spending hours in the kitchen, slogging over a fire stove, sweating out, cutting, chopping, stirring the pots and churning out tasty and healthy food enjoyed by all. Kitchens were out of bound, especially for kids in order to keep the food away from infection or germs which kids could bring along with them.


Things are slowly changing, thanks to the modern day gadgets which have helped us overcome all of the above.  Now kitchens are the new living spaces of our houses where more time is spent together. The concept of open kitchens is trending and work other than cooking is done in and around the kitchen.  In fact today’s kitchen is actually family living space.


In the modern kitchen, besides the cooking area, there is a dining area and a sitting area. The cooking area is very beautifully and ergonomically planned and arranged of all gadgets to facilitate cooking. Some kitchens have enough area to even accommodate 6 seats dining table. Now-a-days kitchens also have earmarked space as sitting area with small couch, centre table and TV. This allows the whole family to spend more time together while cooking, working and relaxing.