15 Amazing Kitchen Design Ideas

Design Your Kitchen In 15 Amazing Ways

Kitchens have become a major focal point in the entire design scheme of a home. Using fabulous materials and fixtures, it is easy to create amazing kitchens. The whole idea is to create a space that is not just utilitarian, but also somewhere family and friends can converge for a meal or a chat.

Here is a look at some of the best kitchen designs that will change the look of your home. Choose the one that reflects your style, or else, simply customise the various design elements to bring out that wow factor!

  • A minimalist kitchen design looks quite fantastic. Having just the right number of appliances with some great kitchen island space makes it the place for fun gatherings and family dinners.
  • Futuristic kitchen designs are those that usually have heavy gloss metallic finish cabinets with some really future inspired art works or even work space.
  • Bold lines and even more striking designs surely make for a contemporary kitchen.
  • Creating rustic kitchen designs is not new. Having the right features that depict the rustic charm of the country side certainly make the kitchens a more warm and friendly space.
  • Get a pop of colour by adding colourful furniture around the kitchen space.
  • A vibrant backsplash creates a wonderful focal point in the kitchen.
  • Vintage lanterns hanging from the ceiling lend that perfect vintage kitchen look.
  • Get a custom made table designed for the kitchen.
  • Kitchen cabinets that extend to the ceiling give an entirely different aspect to the kitchen.
  • Bamboo flooring in the kitchen with some stainless steel finish cabinets spells out as an eco-friendly and contemporary kitchen.
  • Some kitchen designs can also depict the Victorian period or the French Colonial period.
  • Another example is the Classic English kitchen inspired by the English style.
  • Maple wood cabinets and dark wood cabinets have a contrasting effect in a Mediterranean inspired kitchen design.
  • Bricked painted archways and marble island form the focal point of an Italian kitchen design.
  • Last but not the least is the tiny yet modern kitchen design, having every bit of modern and functional dimension to the kitchen design.