About Me

A kitchen is often described as the heart of the home. It is that part of the home where family and friends gather around to cook and share a meal.  Amidst the flavorful aroma that slowly fills the kitchen space, loved ones share their daily encounters.

I am Lydia and it is my dream to design incredibly beautiful and functional kitchens in a variety styles and sizes. I believe that every kitchen must be ergonomically designed with workstations that are efficient and kitchen countertops that are suitable for different surfaces.

I understand that having a dream kitchen is probably one of the most important priorities of many homeowners. Whether you wish to start from scratch or plan to renovate an existing kitchen space, I am sure that my expertise will help you design the kitchen space you have always longed for.

Owning to my rich experience in this field, I have come to know about the unique needs of each homeowner. Therefore I take cognisance of the cooking frequency before designing the kitchen layout. If a person enjoys cooking and spends a considerable amount of time in the kitchen, I ensure that my kitchen designs boost their productivity and also contribute to their creativity.

While every homeowner has a number of must haves in their dream kitchen, I have found that there are a few elements that are common to all. Below is a list of must have elements that I feel contribute towards building a dream kitchen.

  1. A sophisticated design

Having a detailed design is the road map for setting up a perfect kitchen space.  I offer my clients a range of options to choose from. Modern, contemporary, traditional or eclectic- the choice is yours!

After deciding on the budget, I work with my clients to decide on layout and also help them choose elements that are in perfect sync with the design concept of the kitchen.

  1. Choosing the right cook top

With the introduction of induction cook tops, people now have the different options to choose from. While the induction cook tops are equipped with many fancy features such as removable knobs and invisible burners, the traditional gas cook tops are also available in latest burner designs and features that can be customized to meet the requirements of the homeowners.

  1. Concealed kitchen

“Hidden kitchen”, this is one of the latest kitchen designs that is currently trending. Gone are the days where one would see pot racks hanging in the kitchen. I offer my clients with cool cabinet designs that do not compromise on the convenience of accessing the kitchen essentials but at the same time ensure minimal visibility of the kitchen appliances.

  1. Storage space

No one dreams of having a cramped up kitchen. My designs incorporate sleek cupboards, cabinets with glass panels and a combination of open and closed storage spaces. The designs are customized to ensure there is enough room left for free movement in the kitchen.

  1. Sinks

Any kitchen is incomplete without a sink. While having a sink is a bare necessity, there is no denying that it can also be turned into a kitchen attraction. With my ideas and expertise we can work together to create an enviable sink that not only looks good but also functions well.